MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S., identified in its capacity as responsible and/or in charge of the processing of personal data, informs its customers, collaborators, contractors and/or suppliers, and in general to all persons who have provided or in the future provide their personal data, that these will be incorporated into the DATA BASE owned by the company.

MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S. informs that in compliance with Law 1581 of 2012 have taken the necessary legal, technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, access or alteration of personal data to which it gives treatment. Likewise, through these measures its objective is to guarantee the security and integrity of this type of data during all the treatment exercised by the company. The owners of the information, through their consent, freely, expressly and unequivocally accept that their personal data will be processed by MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S. for the following purposes established for each of the following groups:



- Manage the personal information of present and future customers of the services offered by the company MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S.

- Manage payment and collection processes.

- Sending commercial and advertising communications by any physical or electronic means (mail, SMS, MMS, fax, social networks, etc.) about products or services offered by the company or its commercial and/or strategic allies with which a commercial agreement is agreed.

- Elaborate satisfaction surveys and opinion interviews.

- Storage of photographs, biometric data (fingerprints) and photocopies of personal documents to authenticate the identity of the client.

Contractors and/or suppliers

- Ensure the correct integration of data and supplier files.

- Manage the purchase of products and services.

- Develop selection, evaluation and contract award processes for contractors and/or suppliers.

- Make payments to contractors and/or suppliers.

- Control physical and logical access to company facilities and assets.


·- Manage internal communications.

- Manage employee participation in corporate or social programs.

- Manage employee and family data, for issues related to remuneration, contributions, obligations, benefits, taxes and other necessary information (medical service, scholarships, training, among others), by the Human Resources area.

- Manage the correct integration of data and personnel files and the generation of documents and data requested by the employee.

- Manage the control of attendance, physical and logical access to facilities and company assets.

- Management of personal data on performance, assessment and training on skills, competencies and safety of the collaborators.

- Administer and manage bank account numbers for payroll issues.

- Manage personal data for the correct allocation and use of assets and work tools.



MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S. guarantees the exercise of the rights of access, rectification and cancellation in the terms provided by current legislation, which are described in the Personal Data Protection Policy, published on July 22, 2021 and which may be requested by email to the address The holder may exercise their constitutional rights regarding the use and protection of personal data with a letter addressed to the person responsible for the attention of requests on behalf of the company MONASTERY COUTURE S.A.S., to the e-mail address indicating in the subject the right you wish to exercise.

For further information on the subject please review the data processing policy